Who has aislinn paul dating

Amber was born roughly 10 years after her dad’s band was formed.The 37 year old daughter of singer Rod Stewart and Alana Hamilton has been one of the busiest rock star daughters around.Coco has taken after her dad’s talent and added it a little indie twist.The Indie rocker has been writing and playing music since she was a little girl and these days she has a band named I Blame Coco.She was also chosen to be a representative for Mango alongside other celebrated models.Stephanie is the eldest daughter of the long-time rock star, John Bon Jovi and his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley.Monday AM - PM Tuesday AM - PM Wednesday AM - PM Thursday AM - PM Friday AM - PM Saturday AM - PM Sunday PM - PM Closed on Sundays beginning Memorial Day weekend andending Labor Day weekend.

Her first walk on the runway was in 1998 when she was part of Thierry Mugler fashion show.

Currently she is working on an upcoming film called Tales of Hell.

Amber is one of three daughters of Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran’s frontman and his wife since 1985, British model, Yasmin Le Bon.

Stephanie has been in the spotlight for all kinds of reasons, and it wasn’t always for the best reasons including a near death of drug overdose, however she always remained daddy’s little girl.

In fact, the song ‘I Got the Girl’ was inspired and written for Bon Jovi’s girl, only girl in fact as she is the older sister of three younger brothers.

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