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The workers did gain major new rights, but their 48 percent increase in wages was offset by a 46 percent rise in prices.Unemployment remained high, and overall industrial production was stagnant.Works or fragments may survive, either found by archaeologists, or accidentally by anyone, as in the case of the spectacular find of the Nag Hammadi library scrolls.

Deliberate destruction of works may be termed literary crime or literary vandalism (see book burning).

The Popular Front dissolved itself in autumn 1938, confronted by internal dissensions related to the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939), opposition of the right-wing, and the persistent effects of the Great Depression.

After one year of major activity, it lost its spirit by June 1937 and could only temporize as the European crisis grew worse and worse.

A lost work is a document, literary work, or piece of multimedia produced some time in the past of which no surviving copies are known to exist.

In contrast, surviving copies of old or ancient works may be referred to as extant.

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