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The 7TP used a high velocity gun better than the Panzer III’s “door knocker” and it was lethal at short range.

The twenty modified TKS tankettes equipped with the Nkm wz.38 FK 20 mm cannon also obtained good results.

Many of the original FTs were equipped with a wz.25 Hotchkiss machine-gun, others with a Puteaux 37 mm (1.46 in) low-velocity gun.

By 1930, the Polish army had no less than 174 of these, including radio versions.

But in 1939, many were converted into armored draisines and only 90 were kept in active service, taking part in desperate defensive actions.

The Polish renewed their confidence in the Renault company by ordering, in 1936, a replacement for its aging fleet of FTs, choosing the well-produced Renault R35. They arrived in June-July, just in time for the first operational maneuvers.

By 1939, they were hopelessly outclassed, despite 65 of them being reequipped with small-link tracks in 1926.

25 more were built, without armor, by CWS in 1926, for training purposes, as were the modified M26/27s and NC27s.

The other version had a single two-man turret, equipped with a Vickers 47 mm (1.85 in) AT gun (22 Type B converted from Type A stocks), delivered in 1932-33 to the Polish state.However, in 1937-38 several variants were derived, like the TKS.This version was the most proficient of these conversions, and some vehicles were armed with a 20 mm (0.79 in) Solothurn AT rifle.Less numerous than the tankettes, but much more potent, were French, British and locally built models.The oldest were the 102 Renault FTs, plus some TSF versions (radio) which had already fought during the war of 1920.

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