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I have been nice to him for the sake of our son, but I think there is more than meets the eye.

I don’t know if he is dating but this are the questions I heard him ask the lawyer when he was told, Kenyan law has changed and if you stay with a woman for more than six months he is your wife…

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So he asked his fellow mzungu friends if they knew this tall dark crazy Luo with a unique body. I took my three girls to a boarding school as I didn’t have anyone to leave them with. He said he never saw any woman in Mombasa who was serious to carry his baby. His modus operandi was calling you at home, deal and release you. When he came to Kenya the pregnancy was four months and already visible. I went with him to the hospital but he never wanted to be seen with me.

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I hear them say if you date a white guy or have children with them, you are automatically rich. Other times we would bump into each other at the supermarket.

Well, one of my baby daddies is pure white and doesn't understand the world of child support. He actually pockets the monthly payments from the government for the child. He would give me a big smile and look at me till I disappeared.

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