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Winchester also issued the ‘94 in various commemorative models over the past several years and these guns provide an identifiable goal for the collector desiring to specialize in them.

It seems that date of manufacture numbers are probably off as much as two years in this time frame. I'm just observing that the commonly used charts have to be wrong for certain time frames and wondering if experts somewhere had been able to come up with more accurate dates.A bored mind is a terrible thing to waste, so having some free time to kill, I finally put together a fact sheet on the true production ratios and the verified DOMs for the Winchester Model 1894/94.As many of you will undoubtedly note, the figures I have compiled below vary significantly from the numbers published by George Madis in his tomes "The Winchester Book" and "The Winchester Handbook".Undoubtedly, all of the caliber, and the Rifle versus Carbine production number ratios would change drastically if the records were available for serial numbers 354,000 - 2,600,298. For the years 1894 through 1945, the DOMs published by George Madis (and copied/republished by nearly every other reference book or internet website) do not agree with the original surviving factory records (the factory warehouse ledgers and the PRSRB records), and they are inaccurate by nearly four years in the 1896 - 1914 timeframe.The Polishing Room Serialization Record Books (PRSRBs) which contain nothing more than just the serial number, fortunately survive up to serial number 1,352,066, which was manufactured on December 29th, 1945. Winchester began producing Model 94s at an accelerated pace starting in 1935.

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